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Even The Nuns Are Forced To Drink To Get Through A Phillies Game Nowadays

Can you blame ‘em? This team is in a complete downward spiral of dumpster fire proportions. We’re talking 10 of 11 lost. If they don’t score more than the one run they have right now today (Spoiler Alert: They won’t) that’ll be 7 straight games/losses where they failed to score more than 3 runs. SEVEN!!!! The last 6 of which they haven’t crossed the plate more than twice. That’s embarrassing stuff right there. So no shit these white Sister Mary Clarence’s are gonna get their booze on to make the game bearable. Nobody, including the Almighty, is above a few beers to make this team seem half decent right now.

GET IT GIRLFRIEND. Let’s make sure those vows are more guidelines.