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Chinese Manager Lines Up And Publicly "Spanks" Employees For Poor Performance


Assume the position! Nothing like a good ol’ public shaming of your subordinates to get the company going again. I’m sure these slaves are really going to get motivated to pump out that extra iPhone7 headphone jack per hour after this exhibition. But one thing’s for damn sure, calling that a “Spanking” is flagrant false advertising. That’s not a George H.W. Bush slapping Bart Simpson on the tuckus then sending him home to think about what he’s done. I think growing up we’ve all been love tapped by a parent that’s just had enough at a given moment. It’s natural. But this wasn’t a spanking, that was a borderline caning. Just pure pent up rage from a manager not getting enough out of employees. I get the frustration, and I guess in a land where you can get left alone in the words as an infant for being born a girl is cutthroat, but there’s probably better ways to get more out of your people. Granted, I’d rather take a lashing than realizing my boss’s co-worker’s horses live and eat better than I do, but I digress. Treating your people right goes a lot farther than the Thank You Sir May I Have Another route, even if it is ever so fulfilling.