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This Clearly Staged Video Of A Warriors Fan Burning A Steph Curry Shirsey After Last Night's Loss Pisses Me Right Off

People like this are why I hate the internet. I want the true delusional fans that would burn a Steph Curry jersey after a championship last year and a 73-9 record this year. Not some dude that is clearly acting (poorly at that). I guess we’ve been spoiled by the Oscar-level quality of those Jimmy Kimmel rascal pranksters in the past. But this kid is the fucking worst. I know what true pain sounds like. I’m a Knicks fan. I have watched to many Knicks games and read too many rumors linking the Knicks to every superstar in the league to let this kid act like basketball broke his heart so he can go viral. And if you are going to do a fake shirsey burning video, try not to pick the shirsey that was obviously on the clearance rack at Marshall’s. Fuck outta here with that Chinese New Year shit. Cavs fans burned LeBron jerseys after he crushed their souls by taking his talents to South Beach. This video is disrespectful to jersey burning, which was already ridiculous in itself.

However, the only reason that I think this could be real is that tray of ziti being on the stove before he burnt the jersey. That’s a diabolical prop plant move, especially when lighting it on one of those ovens that just go click click click like some sort of maniac.