In Non NBA News, Willson Contreras, Cubs Catcher Of The Future, Hit A Home Run In His First MLB At Bat Last Night






What a moment that was. Willson Contreras making his big league debut and going YABO to straight away center. Yes, the Cubs still have prospects coming up and making an impact. It’s incredible to think about that, that there are still guys in the system that are going to contribute to this team this year and contribute in a big way. David Ross is retiring, Miggy has been underwhelming, and Willson Contreras is ready to tear it up. First start tonight, catching for John Lackey against the Cardinals. Happy Willson Contreras day everyone.



Oh speaking of the Cardinals and the Pirates. Yikes


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.13.35 AM


And here are some fun stats for you to get you excited to pump the Cards early in the week.


-The Cubs have played 22 series this year. They’ve swept 7 out of 22 of them and only lost 5.


-The second closest team in Run Differential (Red Sox) are 88 runs behind the Cubs +/-


-This one is from last week but it’s still stupid



– This one



-And finally Gerrit Cole’s awesome quote from earlier in the year when he said he didn’t think the Cubs were the best team in MLB. 8-1 vs Pirates this year. No big deal.





And of course it all won’t mean a thing without a ring, but I’m just enjoying the ride. This team is so much fun to watch night in and night out. Different guy every day. Last night Kyle Hendricks had TWELVE strike outs. They’re young, they’re fun, and they’re kicking the shit out of everyone in Major League Baseball. We’ll see what happens come October but I’m not going to take a minute of this season for granted.