Police Would Like To Have A Word With Whoever Lit This Fireworks Aisle On Fire At Wal Mart



One of those Better In Theory Ideas from the kids who did that (I’m just assuming it’s kids who did it. Tough to imagine an adult concocting a plan like that) . “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if we lit an entire aisle of fireworks?! That’d be so cool.” Forgetting the part where fire spreads and you’re pretty much gonna light the whole place on fire if you do that. The weirdest part though is people still just strolling through the Wal Mart doing their Sunday shopping like nothing is happening. Watch the video again. The guy with the camera just walks by like it’s an everyday occurrence. “Gotta get some produce, can’t forget the toilet paper, there’s an entire aisle on fire, definitely gotta get laundry detergent………” No man. You should be running like hell like the dude in the background or you’re about to get a roman candle to the face.