This Old Lady In The Background Of The New Lexy Panterra Video Is Me in 50 Years

Scene. Youre minding your business in the throws of retirement heading to the nickle slots and 2.99 buffet. Youre crossing in front of a random casino and you see a crowd gather behind the current rank1 internet twerk star. What do you do?

A. Whip your phone out and perpetuate world star culture
2. Walk by burying your eyeline in your phone and try not to get caught looking
D. Slowly walk by and just tunnel vision the fuck at of those glutes


This video ALMOST makes me want to move to Vegas. Rent aint bad. Weather could be worse. Theyre getting hockey and prolly the Raiders. And best of all you just have a constantly cycling crop of girls who wont fuck me. Seems like what I have now but better in a few ways.

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