Prince William Getting Scolded By The Queen Is Some Bullshit



I hate the Queen. I hate her because I don’t understand what she does. I don’t think she understands what she does but she has this air about her that she’s so fucking important when that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s only nominally the Queen, right? She doesn’t hold any power whatsoever in England, yes? She doesn’t have any political sway, correct? Then she needs to kick fucking rocks. Or better yet, kick the bucket already. Get outta here. England still having Kings and Queens and shit is reason #4,986,867 why the US of A is better than those weirdos across the pond. Anyway, Prince William runs shit now. I don’t care about bloodlines or lineages or duchesses or dukes or who’s next in line. Prince William is the cool guy with the hot wife who everybody likes despite that bald spot. The Queen doesn’t scold him. He scolds her. If I was Prince William and had any power (he doesn’t cause none of these people do) I would have her killed for scolding me. It’s a new day, grandma.