My Favorite Thing From Last Night Was Finding Out People Tweet Horrific Things To Riley Curry...A 29 Year Old Man From Tennesse

Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I love knowing that all year this man gets terrible, awful things tweeted at him, all meant for a 3 year old. It doesn’t get much more Twitter than that. Just angry Twitter eggs screaming at a 29 year old man who happens to share his name with Steph Curry’s daughter. Why would people yell at a 3 year old, who certainly can’t read anything more than See Spot Run, on Twitter? Who knows, man. Why does anyone do anything on Twitter? I’d like to imagine that when they founded Twitter they thought it would be all sunshine and gumdrops, but it’s actually just a place for people to whine and bitch and put MJ’s face on everything. For what it’s worth though, requesting that little Riley walk into her parents’ room and ask them to kill themselves is kind of funny to think about.

Oh and while you’re in there, tell him to make a shot, he doesn’t do that enough.