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Right When I Thought I Was Out On Minor League Baseball 90's Night, The Frederick Keys Pull Me Back In

Well shit. Shit, shit, shit. Those are some must have unis. I thought we were finally phasing out 90’s night, just like we should have phased out Star Wars nights 3 years ago, but those Hey Arnold! uniforms are incredible. The Arnolds vs Geralds tonight in Frederick, simply sensational. And the fact Arnold’s jersey has his plaid design on the sleeves, whoever threw in that touch give them a raise, phenomenal attention to detail.

PS: It still amazes me that I watched Hey Arnold during it’s heyday and it wasn’t until after the show went off that air that I was told Arnold is just wearing a really long shirt, not a kilt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.17.53 PM


PS: Imagine what kind of kinky ass shit Helga was into once her and Arnold finally got drunk together and started fucking in high school. She definitely let him put it anywhere.