I'm A Big Fan Of This Chick Who Got Her Diploma And Walked Right Out The Door




Genius. Boss move. Power move. All the moves. I’m actually shocked more people don’t do this. Who wants to sit around and listen to a bunch of names get read off? Not me and not that chick. Those ceremonies are long as fuck. She got her diploma and walked right out the door. See ya suckers. What is the school gonna do? Not a god damn thing. I’m sure her family was pumped too. The only thing dumber than sitting there waiting to get your diploma is sitting there watching and waiting for someone else to get their diploma. The sooner you get outta there, the sooner the celebration at Applebees can start.  I do have one question, do they give out actual diplomas out the day of graduation? I know some schools do and some schools don’t. Most schools mail them to you after the fact. That girl might wanna check her little folder thing and make sure she has the real deal in there. Even still, leaving early feels like the right move.