The Phillies Are Imploding But, Hey, At Least We Still Have The Best Dad Hands In The Stands

Annnndddd with the Blue Jays 13-2 evisceration over the Fightin Phils yesterday, the Phillies have now lost 7 of 8. That includes the last 3 by a total of 31-7. Ouch. What seemed like a pipe/wet dream of maybe, just maybe being competitive through the ASB is turning into a nightmare of Freddy Kruger proportions. Remember when this team was 10 games above .500 and sniffing first place in the NL East? Yeah, well, they’re now 30-37, 12 games out from the Nats. Which is expected with this young group of whippersnappers, but dammit, you almost wish they didn’t get the hopes up with that hot start.

Regardless, at least the Phillies have the best Dad hands in the stands as evidence of Pops snagging that hard foul ball out of the air. Good for him and every other Phils father who will instinctually make a grab and ignoring the fact they’re going to get yelled later by their woman. It’s called we call heart.

Good stuff heading into Father’s Day weekend. At least these Dads leave it all out in the stands unlike some pussies who don’t have what it takes when a hot shot comes in his direction. Gotta lay out, Smith.

PS – Still waiting for the fantasy to become reality. SOMF, me lady.