J.R. Smith's Daughter Keeps It One Hunnid

SWISH!!! Looks like J.R. isn’t the only member of the Smith family to stay real. And you know what? I love it. That’s not something a kid just says on her own. She probably picked it up because that’s all the Smith family has said for the last 2 years. “Thank God Earl’s stupid ass hasn’t done anything dumb enough to get kicked off this LeBron gravy train” must be uttered daily, if not hourly, by someone in the Smith household. Even Jamie Foxx got a belly laugh out of that one. If you own a Team Swish hat, you definitely know the best of the best J.R. stories.

And while I worry about what my kids will think of me once they learn about what I do for a living, I can’t imagine what J.R. thinks about once his kids start Googling his name. More weed, Rihanna, and dick jokes than you can swing a pipe at.