Adidas Drops Andrew Wiggins New Mountain Climbing Shoes

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.36.11 PM


Do you hear that? Thats the sound of Under Armour executives exhaling with relief. Suddenly the Curry 2s look like Black Cement 3s after the Adidas drops the Wiggins Crazy Explosive. They’re available only at Base Camp of Mount Everest. I heard Mount Kilimanjaro might get a limited run too. They’ve dubbed these the I Had To Survive On Drinking My Own Pee And Eating Bugs For A Week VIIs. These are the I Had To Saw Through My Own Arm To Free Myself And Survive IV’s. Id rather die in an avalanche than rock these.

And I dont wanna hear about how hes from Canada or how he plays for Minnesota. I dont want to hear “You’re just old, KFC!” Trash is trash. Hiking enthusiasts can get down with these. Maybe some wreslters can wear them in the ring. Otherwise, garbage.