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This Chick Is Blowing Up On Social Media For Her Unbelievable 70-Inch Ass

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I’ve seen this girl a few times today on Black Twitter and Mediatakeout and I can’t help but keep clicking her each time so I needed to put this young lady named Raylynn (whose Insta is love.randalin) into a blog. I’ll be honest: This is superficially not my cup of tea. I like a good booty but I’d much rather it be one where I don’t need to switch to a life of ordering Uber SUVs just to make it happen. But I’m not going to sit here and insult your intelligence and say I wouldn’t make sweet love to this woman and her water-bed ass. And by “make sweet love to” I mean presumably get stuck at least three inches from her actual vulva and instead thrust vigorously into a mound of flesh that was previously a seventh trip to heated trays of a Chinese buffet. But still, this is a case where you’d have to give it a go if you can. Whatever she’s got going on, she wears it well. I wouldn’t mind a bit less sitting-in-a-gravel-driveway in the cheeks but that’s real life, this isn’t Photoshop. If Sports Illustrated can make Ashley Graham a cover model, I can deal with that in a darkened room. Variety is the spice sprinkled on the cottage cheese of life.


But yeah I mean “would” for some of these more than others but you make your own judgments. We’re all butt rating adults here:




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