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Kevin Hart Plays In High Stakes Hollywood Poker Games With Dan Bilzerian, Absolutely Sucks At Poker

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This should make everyone feel slightly better about life. I mean you have to totally disregard that they are playing for millions of dollars and Kevin Hart barely knows the rules because the money is that irrelevant to him, but still. The fact Kevin Hart stinks at poker brightens my day. This is a guy who has all the money in the world. Is in every movie coming out this Summer. Is best friends with The Rock. But hey, at least when it comes down to it, there’s one thing that I know he can never take away from me, and that’s the fact I know if I have quads, I should probably raise if someone bets into me on the river. When it comes down to it, Kevin Hart is just playing in this Hollywood home game with other bazillionaires for the fun of it, and could not care less if he drops 6 figures as long as he had fun. Again, you have to completely ignore that aspect of it and just be happy he stinks at it. Oh, and I’m taller than him too! HAH! What an idiot! Me>Kevin Hart. Minus the 100 million or so in the bank. But I did make 13k that one time. Check mate.

PS: Nice lil life Bilzerian has. By all accounts he actually is pretty good at poker.

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