Prepare To Have Dash Day Melt Your Heart With This Father's Day Commercial



In your face, Riley Curry! In your face! Does Riley Curry have her own commercial? I didn’t think so (she very well could have her own commercial and I just haven’t seen it but still, faced). I like Riley Curry I guess but not as much as I love Dash Day. That’s my dude. I find myself rooting for Jason Day to win tournaments just so we get to watch Dash sprint out onto the 18th green and hop into his Dad’s arms. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to see Ellie Day as well. But Dash Day is a rising star. You know it, I know and apparently the PGA Tour knows it. They wouldn’t just put any kid on their Father’s Day commercial. You don’t see Tiger’s kids in a PGA Tour commercial and you know why? Cause they are a snooze fest (and their Dad hasn’t won a tournament in awhile). Dash Day on the other hand is, as my boss would say, an electric factory.