How 'Bout This Chick Packing A MONSTER Dip On The Amtrak?

MY GOD. I think we’ve all seen a girl pack a chew before. Late high school and through college we’d all run into our share of curious chicks, some girls have a lesbian phase sophmore year and others have a chewing tobacco phase. But they always pack it all dainty, sometimes even asking you to put it in for them. This woman right here, however? That’s a pro. The one hand placement, the can under your chin to catch any overflow so as not to waste it, the immediate placement back at the molars because you’ve already ruined the whole front of your mouth, it’s all the work of a professional. Honestly, I used to think I pack pretty big dips but that fucking thing is like double the size of what I do. That’s a horseshoe. That’s a Lenny Dykstra chew.



Do your think though, sister. Travel dips are up there with some of the best dips in the world. Top 5 in no order would be shit dips, shower dips, jerk-off dips, post-big meal dips, and travel dips. All of those are fucking heaven.