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This Kid Carrying Around A Framed Picture Of Phil Kessel At The Penguins Parade Is The Best

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.10.59 AM



This kid. This fucking kid carrying around a framed picture of Phil Kessel that is almost as big as his body. There it is. The best moment from the Stanley Cup Parade in Pittsburgh. Only thing that came close was when everyone started talking about Phil and he got a little shy then remembered all you have to do when you’re a Stanley Cup Champion is lift the cup and all will be good.


“Oh shit, I got THIS THING!”



There really is no trophy and celebration like the Stanley Cup. The parades, the fact that the team usually sticks around and parties in the city for a few days after, the fact that it’s a trophy that the entire fanbase party with. It’s the best, the best.




h/t sidneycrosbysego