Alabama Girl Blows A Dude Up For Buying Her A Drink Then Asking For His Money Back When She Won't Go Home With Him

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God damn what a savage move from this ‘Bama girl. Social media is such a game changer for the bar scene – it used to be that if you were a dickhead you’d get a drink thrown in your face then move on to the next bar. Now you get shamed by like every 12-55 year old on the planet with an internet connection.

This is the whole story piece by piece – first, this dude apparently bought Emily a drink with the hopes of taking her home. But I guess things didn’t go as planned for him.

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After seeing himself promptly go viral from the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook page, he issued his official response.

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To which Alabama Emily fired back.

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Very very strange story there, but whatever. At least she posted the Wendy’s receipts to prove it (who the hell saves Wendys receipts?)

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Strong to quite strong order by the way – Junior bacon cheeseburger, some nugs, fries and a Dr. Pepper.

Who knows what to believe, only Emily and Kris know the truth. What I do know is – guys can be creepy douchebags. Girls can be bitches. Welcome to the bar scene.

h/t TFM