Dan Shaughnessy Reminds Us Why Old Media Will Never Die





You think blogging is taking the spot of newspapers? You think a BLOGGER can really tell you what it’s like out there? Not so fast, my friend. Let Shank here paint you a picture that you could never get down there in your mother’s basement, surrounded by Cheetos, cum rags/tshirts you accidentally came on and decided to turn into cum rags, and yellow 5. You see, Dan Shaughnessy was there that night, in the crowd and in the locker room. He heard the roars of the crowd, felt the ground quake, and tasted misfired champagne. He knows exactly what went on that fateful evening, and what stuck out to him the most? The ice. Man, was that ice cold. He’ll never, ever forget that cold ice. Feel like Dan ripped that from a page of Shakespeare or something, just beautifully described and remarkably insightful.



Good luck getting those kinds of details anywhere else, blogger.


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