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Only Way To Get In On The Action This Weekend Is Draftkings Fantasy Golf Millionaire Contest

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Huge weekend of golf coming up and it’s super easy to get involved. Sign up now or any time before 6:45 am eastern tomorrow and you’re in, ready to watch the US Open and become a millionaire. Yes I said millionaire. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Because it should. Do it and get rich.


It’s impossible to lose this week on DraftKings:
- Sign up to play in this week’s Fantasy Golf Millionaire for golf’s Second Major
- Over 40,000 scores will win money this week guaranteed, with first place taking home $1,000,000
- If you don’t win any money this week, DraftKings will you give more money to play in another contest (new users only)
- All you have to do is draft a team of 6 golfers by Thursday at 6:45 AM EST