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Please Show Some Love And Support For This Diehard Stoolie Who Suffered A Severe Spinal Injury At The Shore This Weekend




Reader Email: Please Help
Hey Smitty,

Below is a link to a go find me for a local Stoolie who needs some help. This past weekend he was down the shore and ended up suffering a very serious back injury. He broke a vertebrae in the middle of his back and caused his spinal cord to push down. They need to do surgery to correct that but are not optimistic about him ever walking again, but they really have no clue until after surgery. He was able to breathe on his own, but big breaths are difficult so they have him on a machine. They just brought him in to surgery now and we are hoping for the best. The go fund is already taking off but you could really help us out.


Joe Popoleo

Kev’s GoFundMe Page

Over the past couple days I’ve received countless of notifications regarding Kevin and the unfortunate accident he experienced over the weekend. Well, as always people, we help out our own. And Kevin is sure as hell a Stoolie to the core. Sure, maybe not everyone here is a Sea Isle City degenerate whipping his nuts out at the OD on a whim (that’s obviously wasn’t this kid), but come on now. This could have been any one of us over the weekend who suffered this kind of injury. Please help support Kevin through his fight and wish him well. It obviously can’t be easy goign through what he’s experiencing.

Kev’s GoFundMe Page

UPDATE: Should have included this from the jump but the injury was a freak accident diving over a wave in the ocean, not some drunken SIC antic.

UPDATE 2: Here’s an email from one of Kevin’s close friends who is setting everythign straight:

Reader Email: Kevin houseman

Not sure it matters now but Kevin is one of my best friends and u published the wrong “joe’s” emails. None of us know who joe popoleo is my guess is someone who had 3rd or 4th hand info.

Joe Cramphorn is the Joe u wanted, I’m sure his email gave more detail into Kevins injury and its unfortunate a less articulate and inaccurate account got published.

Kevins being ripped in the comments for wearing barstool clothing and being blamed for his injuries as if it were a bi-product of a drunken dare.

He’s a huge fan, and he can’t defend himself right now… Maybe u could publish the right email ?