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Epic Freakout By An Anti-Trump Bro At Portland State

Full video:

Love that freakout. An all-time freakout. Thought we may literally see a human being spontaneously combust in front of our eyes for the first time in internet history. Portland State kid hates Trump so fucking much, sooooo fucking much, not sure how the science works exactly but I’m almost positive we just saw his brain melt and start dripping out of his ears.

Shades of everyone’s favorite UMasser.

Hey I’m no Trump fan, but if Portland State students think anyone is going to feel bad for them being triggered or instigated, that’s pretty funny.

Standing in the quad chanting “Build The Wall” probably offends you…constantly interrupting classes with bullhorns, staging die-ins in academic buildings, locking arms and blocking major roadways, and threatening to beat up Trump supporters probably offends them. You’re in college, maybe stop what you’re doing and go get laid?