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You Literally Cannot Lose In This Week's Fantasy Golf Millionaire Contest On DraftKings

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There is one and only one downside of playing DraftKings – when you lose. Well what if I told you they took that aspect away? That you literally can’t? For the Fantasy Golf Millionaire this weekend there is not only a ONE MILLION DOLLAR top prize…there’s not only over 40K scores cashing guaranteed…but if you don’t win any money this week, DraftKings will give all new users to play in another contest, for free. So you either win a whole bunch of money, or get a mulligan for another shot to win a whole bunch of money. I like those odds.

It’s impossible to lose this week on DraftKings:

– Sign up to play in this week’s Fantasy Golf Millionaire for golf’s Second Major
– Over 40,000 scores will win money this week guaranteed, with first place taking home $1,000,000
– If you don’t win any money this week, DraftKings will you give more money to play in another contest (new users only)
– All you have to do is draft a team of 6 golfers by Thursday at 6:45 AM EST