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Car Interview With Joel Embiid Proves, If A Success, He Will Be The Most Loveable Athlete On The Planet


Not too sure why this was filmed when there was snow on the ground and just released June 14th. But good thing we found out a healthy two years ago about Joel’s love for Shirley Temples and that he likes to play video games (by himself, of himself) and workout (in his living room). The last time we saw him in the back of a vehicle, Joel was emphatically telling everyone who has the bigger dick – Spoiler Alert, it was him. Regardless, this ride along gives a glimpse of just how charismatic and likable this crazy Cameroonian can be. IF this man can stay healthy, expect him to go down as one of the great personalities in the game. I’m talking right up there with his fellow African mate Dikembe Mutumbo, minus the “Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?” part. Cookie Monster 2.0. All that matters is this freak of nature gets healthy so we can see his 7+ft beast of a body dominate the Sixers into dozens of championships.