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One-Legged Wrestler Zach Gowen Crushed It On American Ninja Warrior

I know he didn’t make it, but shit, that was awesome. I’m so glad he took off the prosthetic leg and went au naturale. Why? Because that dickhead in Australia who thought he was setting all sorts of records just pogo sticking around on his springy fake legs. It’s cheating. Zach gave it a hell of an effort, made it further than a ton of people with two working legs make it, and is overall just a beast. Ain’t no shame in his Ninja Warrior game.

PS: I love the American Ninja Warrior announcers so, so much. They have more enthusiasm than any announce team going. It’s right out of the Dodgeball movie. “WE’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!” Well, no shit, man. But they are so electric, so pumped up, that it works.