Breaking News: HBO Announces That Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Coming Back For Its 9th Season!

What a day, what a prettyyyyyy prettyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyyyyy good day!!! When I saw this tweet, I didn’t even see the GIF attached to it, but I didn’t have to because I pulled the exact same move after reading the news. The best part about Larry David is obviously that he is a comedic genius that hits 600 foot homers with his TV shows. But he also is the hardest person on the planet to get a read on because he seemingly will just call it a career at any moment because that’s just how his personality is. I was reading a story the other day about J.B. Smoove saying how Larry seemed to be warming up to the idea of coming back for a 9th season, but didn’t think it was blog worthy because he could just as easily change his mind based on like a bad meal he had or something. Complete wild card.

And the fact that Curb ended with the redemption of Bill Buckner actually made it seem like it could have been the last episode. But now we get all our friends back. Jeff. That bitch Susie. Cheryl’s underratedly sexy ass (seriously, how is she not in more shows/movies?). As many Funkhausers as possible. And hopefully a boat load of Leon. I need a ton of Leon. Fuck it, I think Leon needs his own spinoff. But that’s another blog for another time. Curb is back, baby! HBO has done did it again!