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The Internet Fun Police Need You To Know Lebron Did NOT Leave Kevin Love Hanging

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I’m a big fan of the Internet, in fact I love it so much I decided to make my living working on it, but something concerning happened last night and this morning that needs to be addressed. It seems like, for the first time at least in my memory…somebody tweeted a funny video without the correct context. This Vine of Kevin Love and Lebron James was sent out and instantly went viral along with captions about Love getting left hanging, pray for Kevin Love, Lebron Savage AF cryingface cryingface skullface skullface:

I just want to pass along this notice from the Internet Fun Police that this is NOT what happened.

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Yes, anyone who watched the game live (which is basically 99.9% of the people reading blogs about the series in the first place) knows exactly what happened, and yes, even people who for some reason maybe missed the game and just saw the Vine are perfectly capable of using their brains + context clues to realize what the situation was. Yes, anyone with even a rudimentary, basic sense of humor knows that framing this as a “left-hanging” situation is just a really funny take considering Love and Bron’s rocky relationship. But you should never underestimate the Internet Fun Police’s role in letting you know how dumb you are.

See any other 6 second clips on Twitter with funny captions on them that aren’t 100% accurate and independently verified? Report them