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Stephen A Smith Says He Would Have Won The OJ Simpson Trial Even Though He's Not A Lawyer



I like this. Stephen A. Smith knows he’s about to lose his best friend to Fox, it’s summer, not a lot to talk about, so what’s the solution? Start doing retroactive takes. Guaranteeing victories in famous trials even though he doesn’t have a law degree. And you know what the craziest part about it is? I actually kind of agree with him. Johnny Cochran wants to make a trial a show? Well guess what, there is no showman quite like Stephen A. Smith. Spinmaster of all spinmasters.


“Now yis can’t leave, OJ” -Time traveling Stephen A. Smith who also still needs to pass the bar before the trial starts.





Loved Stephen A Smith rocking the American Eagle shirt every white dude owned when they were 17 years old.


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