Five Years Ago Today The Bruins Put On A Stanley Cup Performance For The Ages




I haven’t seen these highlights in a few years but I’ve already watched them three times today and it turns out my memory had served me well, because it’s definitely one of the most incredible games I’ve ever seen, just as I had remembered. Game 6, on the brink of elimination, and the Bruins ran Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks the FUCK out of Boston. They ran them out of the series, to be honest. Four goals in ten minutes to put the game out of reach, and then it was time for the really embarrassing part…




Brad Marchand simply dummying Daniel Sedin while he, or any of his teammates, were afraid to do anything about it. It was the most perfect moment, in a perfect game. That was who the Canucks were, little bitches, and it was who the Bruins had been all series, bullies.


All things considered, it’s probably my favorite hockey game that’s ever been played. Between the crowd, who’s so loud that it’s honestly difficult to tell at times if there are even commentators, the Horton ovation, the swift running of Luongo, and the general decimation of a team as good as the Vancouver Canucks were, it was a perfect night of hockey.


We seem to be getting those less and less often these days, so this is a nice reminder of how good it can feel.


PS – If you Google “Bruins Stanley Cup game 6″ this is NOT the first one to come up. Might sue Google for that. Not awesome when a more recent game 6 pops up.