Quick Update For The 2016 Barstool Philly Golf Classic (MUST READ IF YOU EMAILED IN)


Seriously, the die-hard Stoolies over at GolfMatch do a lot to help us set up/run this event so it’s your obligation to download the App. GolfMatch is the first social tee time app that gives you golfer and course info before you book your tee time. They have the largest set of tee time inventory in the world through their integration with GolfNow, as well as a social sharing component where you can post all the golf pictures and videos from your round. They are currently hosting a contest to send someone to the Ryder Cup with one of their Team WWD ladies, who also happen to be a group of the hottest and most talented chicks in golf. The “GolfMatch” app is free, so if you are a golfer tap HERE on your mobile device to download it in the App Store or Google Play.

Also, please remember the charity this event is once again helping out: Brave Hearts For Strong Minds. It’s a GREAT organization run by local Stoolies that assists kids who have lost a parent in regards to being able to afford their further education. The children and families are Philly area and this is one of those things where you can actually see the difference you make instead of just writing a blank check to some big charity. Be sure to support this cause and charity whether you plan on golfing or not.

Link To The Brave Hearts For Strong Minds Website

WE NEED HOLE SPONSORS. $125 a pop. The advertising alone on the site is well worth that chunk of change.

So here’s the deal: It only took about 20 minutes until we received enough Emails to reserve the capacity of 150 slots to play. Within the hour the majority of forked over the straight cash homie to lock in their foursome. To those who weren’t quick enough on the draw, my apologies. You are on a waiting list and should be informed as such. But for the people who already sent in money, IF YOU DON’T GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL BY TODAY LET US KNOW. Everything should be going out through Intern Brosh from BarstoolGolfOuting@gmail.com. Again, if you paid and haven’t received an email confirmation, let us know ASAP. Other than that, hold your nuts tight if you’re on the waiting list. People tend to drop out and we’re working on opening more spots. Also, if you just would like to come and drink/eat/hang, you’re more than welcome, too. In fact, it’s encouraged.

That’s all she wrote for now. Any questions/comments/suggestions/hate at all feel free to fire away at Intern Brosh answering the emails. I’ll see you on the links.