The Crowd at the Texas A&M Game Was Capital E E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C

People sleep on the College World Series so much. Yes, there’s a trillion games and it’s tough to follow what’s actually going on. Yes, it probably gets a big boost in my eyes because it’s a total sports dead period with the NBA and NHL both about to finish up. But this shit is Electric with a capital E.

You saw all the actual game play highlights. UCSB walk off grand slam. Miami grand slam + bat flip + benches clearing altercation. But the crowd is where the action is at, especially in the A&M/TCU game.

Old Lady Waving had no business making me laugh this much, but it did.

Angry Lady with the old-school Fuck You.

And as previously seen –

Savage Ball Five chant causing the dude to throw 3 straight balls.

You use it as your summer sports distraction, these people live for this shit.



Sneaky my favorite clip of the weekend – Coastal Carolina hardoooooo.