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What's Important About Orlando?


What’s up y’all. I’m sure you heard about what happened last night in Orlando by now. If not, Riggs is covering it for us. It’s really just fucking wild. When stuff like this happens I know some people’s reaction is to get super pissed. It just hits everyone different. I’m fresh off a night out at a club in New York and it puts a super weird perspective on everything for me. I know now some people want to talk about gun regulations. Some people want to talk about Islamic radicals. Some people want to just mute social media for the day and pretend nothing even happened. I’m not sure that any of those are wrong responses. Everybody handles shit like this differently. But I do want to say this. The thing that is going to help the actual people in Orlando and anywhere else who were really affected is what we should put our focus on today. BY FAR – and it’s not even close – my favorite thing about Barstool is that as huge as it is, it really still feels like a tight knit community of people. A tight community as big as us can be HUGELY beneficial at a time like this if we all get on the same page. So before we get political or just focus back on how many girls Leo bed at Cannes, lets put our immediate focus on the people who are having to deal with this today as a real life situation. Family members gone. Friends gone. Loved ones still fighting for their lives. Leave the hate and politics out of it for a few days and let’s figure out how to be a part of the solution to the real problem — real people dealing with a crazy and unnecessary tragedy.

The general consensus seems to be that if you’re in central Florida, go give blood. If you’re somewhere else like me, we can still use this as a reminder of how important it is for us to give blood proactively. And most of all, let’s just rally around the Orlando community and be part of the solution–whatever that turns out to be. I’m sure Riggs will keep us updated.