Say Hello To The Phillies #1 Overall Pick, (Barely) 18-Year-Old Mickey Moniak


This kid looks less like the franchise and more like he’s going to take the stage at Johnny Brenda’s to sing a few Jason Mraz covers. To each their own. Tbyrd will have more insight on the pick later, but you don’t become the #1 overall pick for no reason, especially straight outta high school. Seriously though, how can scouts tell from that prospect video this kid is anything special? Obviously he could take me behind the woodshed and shit on my soul when it comes to baseball, but can you tell the difference between Mickey’s hacks and mine from when I tried out for the UPenn baseball squad?

Short answer: Yes. But still, unless this kid is jacking them 500ft into orbit I simply just can’t tell how special he’s supposed to be. Plus baseball is the by FAR the hardest sport to judge legitimate MLB potential from the draft up till the show. You just can’t predict a future HOF player from a certified bust. Hence why this yearly tidbit still makes me cry in the shower:


So good lucky, Mick. Can’t wait to see him play in 2021. If he leaves half the legendary marks on this city as the Phillies last #1 overall pick, Pat The Bat, then we can consider this pick a success. Of course I’m talking off the field, not on.