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Old Man David Ross Voting For The All Star Game Using A Rotary Phone Is Good Stuff

I am enjoying the hell out of David Ross’ final season, but it’s also a damn shame that it took this long for fans outside of the markets in which he’s played to realize how great he is. He’s always been one of the most interesting and entertaining guys on every team he’s ever played on, but I guess all it took was for the situation of it being his final season to present itself, and the spotlight of being on one of the best teams ever for Rossy to get some national attention.

Cubs number two ace Jon Lester has been campaigning for Ross to get voted into the All Star Game this year, and it looks like the Cubs’ Twitter account is low key on board with the idea after posting this ad campaign. I said it in that blog, and I’ll say it again here. I’m all for it. You don’t watch the All Star Game for the in-game competition. You watch the All Star Game for the great moments, and Rossy getting some recognition during the Midsummer Classic would be a great baseball moment.

PS – There’s no way he’s going to make the team. As of right now, Anthony Rizzo is leading the voting at first base, Ben Zobrist is leading at second base, Kris Bryant is leading at third base, Addison Russell is leading at shortstop, Dexter Fowler is leading all NL outfielders, while Jason Heyward and Jorge Soler are in fourth and sixth, respectively, for outfielders. The whole friggin’ team is going to the All Star Game, except for poor Rossy.