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Michael Jack Schmidt Chiming In With An Impressive And Inspirational Montage About Life

Just when Mike Rowe tells you to sit down, shut up, and take that shitty cube job like a man, here come’s Michael Jack Schmidt outta nowhere saying you chase your dreams to the ends of the Earth. It’s easy to say when you have the God given talent to be the greatest 3rd baseman of all time. I guess things come naturally to Schmidt. Even so, the Fightens have the #1 overall pick tonight (Tbyrd will have more later) and this was a pretty damn good feature thrown out there by the Phillies. Let’s just pray they choose the right guy. Nothing worse than your team selecting a trivia answer instead of a franchise player at #1 overall. Here’s to the next Pat The Bat who is hopefully better on the field and off. And God help us off if it’s off.

Gotta respect the Hall Of Famer for hanging up the cleats the instant he knew he wasn’t helping the team out anymore. None of this farewell season long tour happy horseshit. THIS is how you retire like a man (minus the sobbing like a scorn woman part).

PS – RIP Harry. Such a great, natural call.