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Dwyane Wade Posts Video Of Him And Gabrielle Union In Bed After They Fucked





Power moves only. Some people may call DWade a tryhard or something along those lines, say he’s the guy who runs around school the next day telling everyone he actually got laid, but let me say this loud and clear: if I could make a girl fucking drip sweat and have eyes that are so dazed it looks like she just got the worst concussion of all time then I would snap that ten times out of ten. Every single time I fucked I’d be telling the world, “Look what I just did to this girl. Feast your eyes! Just LOOK!” I mean there’s nothing better for your confidence than a girl saying “I’m sore today” after a night of passion so having the whole world think “That boy put it DOWN last night” would have you walking around with that chest out on a million.


PS – love how Wade ends it by saying he can go to sleep now. Stars, they’re just like us and can’t fall alseep until they come either! Only instead of masturbating themselves they have sex with beautiful celebrities. Slight difference I guess but that’s just a different journey, end result is the same