Gotta Love Mike Rowe Coming In Hot Saying Everyone Shouldn't Follow Their Dreams

Nice. Your cube existence has been officially validated. First off, Mike Rowe is the fucking man. Just your average, blue collar guy who fell assbackwards into a great career (which started as a QVC host, btw). I’d sneaky put him up there with Charles Barkley and Roy Halladay with who’d I’d like to have a beer with most. The dude is hilarious and seems like the most down to Earth and real person in the world. But onto what he’s actually saying here, the Honorable Judge Smails said it best:

And that’s 100% right. Not everyone can be coddled into thinking they’re going to be the next superstar of life. That’s one of the biggest things this millennial safe space bullshit of a generation needs to realize. You’re not special. Neither am I. Sure, I got batshit lucky to have a profession to where I can go days without wearing pants, but if I wasn’t doing this I’d be right back to the Pasta grind. I realize I’m a go big or go home kind of guy and would’ve accepted my fate if chasing after I want didn’t work out. However, way too many people keep on going after something that just isn’t there. Mike Rowe is a crusader for skills and trade professions that aren’t “Sexy” jobs by any means, but are much needed and are in high demand. Very few people aspire have a job like a plumber, welder, or electrician but, dammit, society needs those positions filled. And if some people realize they’re not going to make it into the Big Leagues or win that Oscar sooner than later, they’d be in a lot better position in life. Sucks to say, but you know what else sucks? Reality. Best get with it.

In the end, Homer Simpson states the case for 99.999% of us schlubs. Not all of us can be Darryl Strawberry’s (circe 1992 Strawberry, not the coked up Darryl who served time in the slammer. I think.):