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1 Bunt + 2 First Basemen = 0 Outs


What the fuck is second baseman DJ LeMahieu doing right here? On two levels, this is a major fuck up. For one, if somebody bunts hard enough to the right side, the first baseman is charging in, which would mean that the second baseman is covering the first base bag. You can actually see Rockies first baseman Daniel Descalso start to run in towards home plate when he sees Kenta Maeda square around to bunt the ball, and then he heads back to first base the second that he sees that the bunt is going up the third baseline. LeMahieu was in the right spot if the ball went up the first baseline, but the second it went to third baseman Nolan Arenado, you either get out of the way, or you back up the play at first base. So, that’s number one.


Fuck up number two is, once you see that Descalso is on the bag and Arenado has fielded the ball cleanly, what the fuck are you doing still standing on the first base bag when you can clearly see that the first baseman is already there? It’s not like you had a chance to beat him to the bag to make the play. He was already there, and it wasn’t even your play to make. AND THEN HE TRIES TO PUSH HIM OFF THE BAG! What the hell, man? And AFTER that, he realizes he shouldn’t be on the bag, so he jumps off of first base, and catches a ball that he probably could’ve caught with his foot on the bag to get the out, then tries to fuckin’ hand the ball to Descalso. Not underhand it. Fuckin’ HAND it. Unreal.