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Corey Feldman's Birthday Party Was An Absolute Blast!



(Source) For the last year or so, he’s been working on a new project, a “360-degree interactive experience” called Corey’s Angels. Here’s how his website describes the venture: “Corey for the first time in his adult life is currently single. Corey also being an actor musician has the good fortune of traveling all over the world where he has the opportunity to meet gorgeous and beautiful women of all races and types of ethnicity. Now for the first time he is merging all of those worlds together by creating Corey’s Angels.”


So I guess Corey Feldman is modeling himself a 21st century Hugh Hefner. Kind of cool? Except for the part where he’s basically like a poorer Charlie Sheen with a depressing birthday party full of fat DJ’s, run down chicks and a bunch of disinterested people that make you feel second hand embarrassment literally through your computer screen. Other than that whole part, he nailed it.


Forced triple kiss, always screams “We’re having fun”.



1, 4, 2, 3. Gross Big Cat, you took Corey over a girl. No, I took Corey over a guy dressed up like an angel.




This is getting weird




Chick in back always knows where the cameras are.








Guess part of Corey’s party is always looking like you need to take a shit




She may have lost her fastball but… Nope, just kidding, she’s lost everything. All of it.




You can keep the tassles on




“Get me the fuck out of here now please”



No seriously though, I’m pretty sure the asian chick was kidnapped.





Guys please come back inside, the party is just getting started. My personal DJ just showed up.



Shit Corey is coming back inside, how the fuck do we open Itunes.



I don’t even have anything left to say. Just an awesome time.


And she for sure got her dick sucked.