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Love This Kid Who Beat Cancer And Got A Sweet Cubs Eyeball

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CHICAGO — Fighting cancer is no game. But victory is sweet whether it’s on the field or in the medical world. A seven-year-old cancer survivor with a winning spirit shows some Cubs players how to really keep their eye on the prize.

Beckham Zobrist was over the moon just being on the field at Wrigley, and then he got to go down into the clubhouse too. He met all of the players. The experience is a gift to the young boy after years of health struggles.

“It was in March 2012 that we started to notice a glare in his pupil in certain lighting, and it just got progressively worse and that glare took over the pupil of his eye,” said Erin Zobrist, Beckham’s mother.

That glare was cancer. Retinoblastoma.

“It was pretty hard. It hit us very, very hard. It took our breath away. It changed our life,” Erin said.

The only way to get rid of the cancer and stop it from spreading to the brain was to remove his eye. Beckham took it in stride.





What an awesome story for an awesome kid. Dealt a bad hand and makes the most of it, now rocking that SWEET Cubs eyeball and is the talk of the town. Love stories like this, makes living in a cynical world where we’re usually only hear the bad things about sports worth it. Good for Beckham Zobrist, now let’s hope he can watch the Cubs win a World Series with that boss new eyeball.




Obviously this story is touching and awesome but I did laugh a little at the Christmas list. 1. Eyeball, 2. Frog. Keep it simple.


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