South Philly Vinny Valasquez Leaves Game After 2 Pitches...SHIT

I guess dropping down from your average 94 mph heater to a 87 mph meatball isn’t good for business. Especially when it’s your only 2 live pitches from your scheduled start. Early speculation is it’s a groin issue, but who knows. All I do know is this 23-year-old kid has been a first class FIREBALLER all year and we can’t afford any long term injuries with him – Hence why they recently announced Vinny’s innings are going to be limited this season. Injuries were easily the #1 concern when they traded for Velasquez in the Ken Giles evisceration of a deal. So I suppose this was bound to happen. Best get it over with now rather than in 2+ years when this team is back in the mix.

It’s been a couple months since Vince Velasquez fanned 16 in a complete game evisceration of a shutout (3 hits, 0 walks, and 1 hell of a model American) in legitimately one of the best games in Phillies history. This guy has potential ace written all over him. Any starter who can hit 97 on the gun in the 8th inning will make it move. Violently. Now get up you son of a bitch, cause Philly loves ya.