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It's A Christmas Miracle! Free FanClash Trivia Marathon Today For Stoolies!





Well today just got way more interesting.  Have you tried FanClash Sports Trivia yet?  If not, now IS your chance to play for FREE.  All day today, Thursday June 9 Stoolies have an exclusive chance to play in the FREE FanClash Sports Trivia Marathon.   Check it out any time today from noon to midnight and see if you are up to the test.   The bonus… you don;t have to deposit a cent and they are still awarding $2,500 in real cash to the top 303 players high scores!   So if you think you know your sports and want to compete with our writers and other stoolies, you gotta play it now.

Today’s contest will feature general sports trivia, so you may get some NFL questions, NBA playoff questions or some cool MLB trivia too.  Go in and try as many times as you want, it’s all free.   I’ll be playing from 4pm-5pm and will post my high score after I play.  Bitches probably be passing out in the street at my score.

We’ve already played FanClash a few times and a lot of you guys have won THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in cash so far.   Now is your chance for FREE to see what we’ve been having so much fun playing the past few months.

The prize structure:
1st place:  $500
2nd:      $350
3rd    $150
4th-303rd:   $5 FanClash credit