Richard Simmons Denies Reports That He Underwent A Sex Change And Is Now Fiona

Daily Mail - Richard Simmons’ publicist has denied claims the fitness guru is living as a woman after undergoing a secret sex change. The 67-year-old’s publicist Tom Estey told Daily Mail Online: ‘This is cr**’, after the National Enquirer published claims he had gone through a series of invasive surgeries and is now going by the name Fiona. The tabloid reported that the 67-year-old recluse has undergone breast implant surgery and hormone therapy over the course of two years. They also reported that he had been to seen a medical consultant about castration during his self-imposed exile inside his Hollywood mansion. Printed pictures of Simmons with long brunette hair, curves, make-up and a fur coat on their front page. They also claim he has had medical consultations on castration. Simmons has not made any public comments about the story, but in an email to Daily Mail Online, Estey said: ‘This is cr** but thanks!’  A friend told the publication: ‘[This is] not just in drag. This is Richard dressed as a softly spoken woman named Fiona! ‘He had a boob job, and his breasts are like he had been taking hormones to make them grow. ‘He had huge mood swings, too, which we attributed to hormone therapy.’ Another source told the Enquirer he is considering have a ‘vagina built by doctors’. They also said that Simmons ‘never really felt comfortable being a man.’ ‘He felt he was a woman trapped in a man’s body,’ they added.  The weight loss expert is yet to make a public announcement confirming his new identity, but reports suggest he has left his home in the past few months as a woman. He has been hiding behind the walls of his $5million mansion since 2013.

I would have bet the RENT on Richard Simmons being next up in the Celebrity Death Pool after all those stories that his housekeeper kidnapped him and had him under a witch’s spell. In hindsight though, sex change was a billion percent the play. I guess even though it was right in front of my face, it was almost too obvious. A Richard Simmons sex change is the most unnecessary surgery ever. Thats as redundant as it gets. Dude had basically had a natural sex change. Like those frogs that can switch at will. That dude basically had already evolved into a female. A sex change almost implies that hes back to being a dude. Thats how much of a queen he had already become.