My Mom Secretly Snuck Into A Cemetery And Buried Our Family Dog Next To My Grandparents - Mailtime

Yesterday I got in a verbal altercation with some old man who was cursing me out about my dog. I literally ran after him and chased him into the Hoboken Historical Museum where he was voting for Super Tuesday. We had a screaming match in front of three little old ladies as I huffed and puffed because I was out of breath from running.

And somehow that wasnt the main story/headline from this episode. Because when Mama KFC gets involved, she trumps all. Papa KFC, too. Really its just stories from both my lunatic parents. You can understand why I am the way I am when you hear this shit. The woman snuck into a human cemetery with dog remains, dug up her parents grave, and buried him with her parents. Absolute maniac sorta shit.

Plug in juice up.