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Five Independence School District Basketball Coaches Quit After Parents Were Allegedly Mean To Them And They Felt Bullied


INDEPENDENCE, Iowa – All five girls basketball coaches for Independence schools announced their resignations on Friday last week. Assistant coach Rob Ratchford said Monday that he and the other four coaches made that decision, after dealing with a recent string of unreasonable accusations and criticism from a handful of parents of players. Ratchford said he is well aware that as a coach, criticism comes with the territory. “You read things on social media and you try to ignore those kinds of things, people approaching you on game day and phone calls on game day, and phone calls after the game.”  However, Ratchford said some parents have gotten out of hand, constantly questioning decisions made by coaching staff, and even threatening him in one case. “I received phone calls this week threatening to fight me, to come over to the house and fight him over summer basketball stuff,” Ratchford told us.  So, Ratchford said he and head varsity coach Rod Conrad decided they had enough. Ratchford said the three other girls coaches agreed that resigning was the only way to send a clear message to overzealous parents.

Are these coaches kidding me with this?  A couple parents call you some names, challenge you to a fist fight over summer league playing time and you immediately throw a hissy fit and quit?  Spineless.  Gutless.  And some other negative adjective that questions these coaches toughness.  Way to make a big display and take away from the actual games.  If I’m the Independence School District I’m happy these guys quit.  You don’t need guys who fold like a cheap suit any time a parent questions their coaching style or strategy.  You’re not going to win with guys like that anyway.  And news flash to the coaches who quit: You’re not the first high school coaches to have parents scream at you and you won’t be the last.  It literally happens every day.  You’re not taking some noble Civil Rights stand by walking out on your jobs.  You just admitted you don’t have the moxy to coach high school basketball and now you have no job.  Next man up.  You need a coach who lets that stuff roll off his back and just keep coaching.  Anywhere you coach this is going to happen might as well get used to it.  People are going to think their kid is the best ever and will literally fight you over that.  That’s not going to stop.  Well maybe if you accept a challenge to one of the fist fights, win handily and then the other parents won’t challenge you anymore.  But even then there’s no chance they stop.