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Sweet Jesus 61-Year-Old JK Simmons Is SWOLE

I don’t care if he looks like a wizard with the arms of a midget. JK Simmons is one of the most underrated actors in the game, and he is now deadly jacked up force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Sure, you can tell he was #OldManCranking while hurling homophobic slurs during Whiplash, but this is a new level of swole. There’s not gonna need to be a Batman in the next movie when JK is already playing the role of Gym Gordon. Fuck, those veins look like he was had whatever Bane was having. Those 15 pound weights never stood a chance.

One can only hope someone is yelling at him to “curl faster than he gives handjobs” when JK isn’t working out to his trainer’s tempo. All about the motivation. What a great movie.