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Tonight Is The Night I Play Darren Rovell 1 On 1 In Basketball

Alright, so as many of you know I have a long standing rivalry with Darren Rovell. Anyway, I was being a creep in the Cubs broadcasting booth, a place where Darren Rovell will be tonight singing the 7th inning stretch. So naturally I let him know that I warmed it up for him, and that being in the booth is old hat now.


To which Rovell replied that I better show up tomorrow night for “Social Media Night” at the park, which admittedly sounds like an absolute BLAST.




Now here’s where Darren used his slippery tactics.



Has he technically invited me to meet him before? Yes. When he was at the Northwestern/Wisconsin game in February he told me I could come and surprise “Ambush” him. I declined, because that’s not what Barstool Sports does. We don’t do fake meet and greets, surprise ambushes or anything that is scripted. Meeting and talking to Darren Rovell does literally nothing for me. Meeting and competing against him in something is what people want to see, and being that the only sport he knows how to play is basketball I challenged him to 1 on 1 back in February. He knows I have said this to him and that’s why he knew I was serious when I said I would play him anywhere any time last night.








So there it is. This is actually happening. I’ve found a court. I’ve confirmed it with him today via email. I will be there ready to go, if Rovell doesn’t show up, well then that’s on him.


And let me say this, I respect the hell out of Rovell for agreeing to this.  It’s a legit move. He’s almost making me like him. And I say almost because every time I get a glimmer of respect for him he goes and does something like this…




Mr. Big Shot can open the Northwestern gym on a moment’s notice.



Surprised he didn’t also say he has keys to MJ’s place in Highland Park.  Classic Rovell. Just when he almost gets everyone’s respect he goes and let’s the world know how important he is. Too funny. Game on.



I have a sneaking suspicion Rovell will not let us film it but just know I give stoolies my word I will do everything in my power to make it happen.