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Thank God The Mets Re-Signed Yo, Because Michael Fulmer Is Absolutely Dealing For The Tigers



Let me just preface this blog by saying even if the Mets had not re-signed Cespedes, I still would have made the trade a billion times out of a billion. What Yo did the last three months of 2015 will be what baseball writers talk about when discussing how a trade deadline acquisition can boost an entire ballclub. But after watching Fulmer the last few starts, it would have been really ugly for the next 12 years or so on #ChickenLittleTwitter #MetsTwitter if Fulmer developed into a bona fide ace while the Mets decided to let Yo walk after last season because of money (especially to a team like the Nats). I mean we have to hear about Bobby Bonilla’s contract every single year, despite being far from the only team that has done something like that or the fact that it actually saved the Mets money. But I understand that the Mets and the name Bobby Bonilla just inspire laughter. It’s just that having to listen to the people that panicked the first two weeks of this season or the people that scream how everyone has to be fired after every Mets loss would have been given more ammo once every five Tigers games. And that would make being a Mets fan just that much more exhausting.

Anyway, I also can’t believe that it looks like the Mets minor league system appears to have hit on ANOTHER arm. Churning out fireballing aces like Henry Ford used to churn out Model T’s (as well as seeing Syndergaard and hopefully Wheeler turn into studs after trading for them). Sure Fulmer would have been fun as fuck to root for since he’s a bit huskier than the other guys and has the beard. But I’m not going to complain since our cigarette crushing, neon yellow arm sleeve wearing, laser rocket arm having Cubano is still manning centerfield for the Metropolitans in between his rounds of golf.