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The Marlins No. 2 Prospect Accidentally Stabbed Their No. 4 Prospect In A "Prank Gone Bad"

(Baseball America) — In an incident described as a prank gone bad, Marlins’ No. 4 prospect Stone Garrett ended up with three stitches in his right hand after he was cut with a knife held by Josh Naylor, the organization’s No. 2 prospect.

Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Naylor inflicted the injury at an apartment the two players share in Greensboro, N.C., where they play for the low Class A affiliate.

Hill insisted there was no fight, but simply an ill-fated prank.

“Naylor has a reputation of being a bit of a prankster, but this one obviously went a little too far,” Hill told the newspaper. “Obviously, he’s torn up about it. This is a good friend, his roommate. They came into pro ball together, so they’re good friends.”

“I don’t think you’ll see Josh Naylor goofing around with knives any more. Other pranks were just pranks and nobody got hurt,” Hill said. “Unfortunately, this one ended in an injury, which isn’t funny at all.”

Let’s put on our detective hats here for a second. I can’t say we’ve all been here before, because most of us probably haven’t been stabbed. But I’m going to make an educated guess that alcohol was probably involved here, and that’s a situation that most of us can relate to. I’m sure we’ve all done some pretty dumb shit while under the influence, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a knife brought into the equation. That’s next level stuff.

So, we’ve got a hand injury. My first thought was that Marlins No. 2 prospect Josh Naylor allowed No. 4 prospect Stone Garrett to play the knife game with Naylor’s hand. That’s theory number one, but that’s not really a “prank” as much as it is just being drunk and stupid. Theory number two was that, since it’s a hand injury, and that could indicate a defense attempt, that Garrett popped out of Naylor’s closet in a Ghostface mask and pretended that he was an intruder who was going to stab Naylor, but actually stabbed him by an accident. If that were the case, why the fuck would you use a real knife? It’s gotta be one of those two scenarios. Has to be.

Minor league baseball, man. These dudes have way too much down time, and minor league teams are always in the middle of nowhere, so there’s never anything to do. One second, you’re sitting around waiting for the next Greensboro Grasshoppers game to start — next thing you know, you’re getting stabbed. That’s MiLB life.